Commissions I made a few weeks back for krhainos feat. warchiefeny

Doodles of Sugilite and Opal from Steven Universe.

I’ll update this post once the “Pearnet” design goes live. :P

SU © Cartoon Network

Maybe I’d be open to this sort of thing if you send me a message off anon. :P

Some sort of feeling of familiarity also helps getting rid of the uneasyness to contact a faceless stranger. You may be familiar with me but I have no idea who this is off anon or if we’ve even exchanged messages before elsewhere, which would be cool. :B

Also, I just want to make sure you’re not one of those weirdos I’ve had to block before. lol


Nguyen Family House Fire Recovery Fund

On Sunday, June 15, 2014 the Nguyen family was displaced by a severe house fire caused by a malfunctioning sprinkler system in their garage. Unfortunately, due to extensive fire, water, and smoke damage to the main structure, their house is unable to be salvaged, and must be rebuilt from the ground up. The family lost much of their personal belongings in the fire, such as their family heirlooms, photos, clothing and their vehicles. Fortunately, the entirety of the Nguyen family was able to escape, but both parents, Thao and Bao Nguyen, suffered from 1st/2nd degree burns, and smoke inhalation. Both parents were temporarily hospitalized, and have taken medical leave to recover from their injuries. As of right now, the Nguyen’s are being housed by family and friends, and are currently searching for a temporary rental home.

hey guys, so my best friend Julie and her family experienced a serious case of bad luck a couple weeks ago and were put through a worst-case scenario that no one ever should have to go through- a house fire.

while their insurance is taking the brunt of the costs, her family could really use a bit of help paying for basic expenses like food, clothes, rental cars, tuition for her and her sister as well as necessities for a rental home they will soon be relocating to.

every little bit helps and even if you have nothing to give, reblogging and signal boosting really goes a long way.

thank you for your time! here’s the link to donate once more.


Quick NDS Doodle for a friend of her panda character. :)

Hey nerdsfriends just letting you know that I’m in a bit of a(n unwilling) hiatus.

I’m currently in the middle of a big commission and suddenly my computer started having a lot of problems. I am unable to use it for a good while now.

I’m borrowing the laptop from my family for the meantime, but it seems that it can’t handle the file size I’m used to work with, thus my productivity has almost halted completely.

I’m waiting a reply from a technician who will help me assemble a new computer but it might take a while. [WALLET SOBS UNCONTROLLABLY]

Because of this, no worthwhile art to showcase in the near future. I’m just keeping myself entertained by socializing and doodling on my 3DS. :(

Maybe I’ll post a couple DS pics every now and then.

Hopefully everything will be fixed soon. And I’ll see if I can officially open commissions as well work on my personal projects again. (this flavor of “Soon™” is getting old, isn’t it?)



Hey guys, one of my good friends Julie lost her home and all her belongings to a fire today.  Her and her sister are currently staying over at a friend’s house for the time being but she needs any help to get back on her feet.  Here is proof from tonight’s news.

I will be taking commissions on her behalf, all the money will go towards helping her replace anything she has lost.  


  • 1st row: Little guys: $15 per character, $20 for two
  • 2nd row: Full-body: $30
  • 3rd row: Multiple characters: $45 for 2, add on $10 per additional

Everything will be full color, clean lines.  Backgrounds will be graphic or a gradient or white, if you wish to have something more detailed feel free to ask for a quote.  This is really all TF2 art, but I can do any character or OC as long as I am able to find reference.  For any special requests for anything you don’t see listed, I am always open to whatever you would like to suggest.  I can do any pairings, but most likely will not do anything involving any full or partial nudity this round.  To commission me, feel free to send an ask/fanmail to my inbox, if I reply it means I have received it.

I currently have opened 10 slots.  They can be found on this page which I will keep updated.

A Gofundme is in the process of being set up, but if you’d like to go ahead and donate, I have a donation link set up here

Thank you for your time, any help, even a reblog, is really appreciated.



Hello everyone! I would first like to thank you guys for all your interest and support for my art here. The response has been kind and I enjoy reading and writing back to all your asks. For those who are interested, I’m looking to take on commissions for this summer and thought I’d unveil it here before I begin rolling it in other venues. I have some time on my hands so the turnaround time will be a week or less. I only ask you read the rules and guidelines before inquiring!

Rules & Regulations

  • Payment via PayPal must be sent after negotiating and agreeing on a price, no exceptions!
  • Original characters and fanart are welcome.
  • No adult content (extreme violence/gore, fetish, etc)
  • Commission is for personal/non-commercial use only.
  • If there is something you would like that is not mentioned here (portrait icons, turnarounds, illustrated scenes, etc), please ask and I will give you an estimated quote depending on the subject matter.
  • Please only send me a message if you’re certain you want to commission me!

Send an e-mail with a subject along the lines of “Commission” if you are interested. You may also send an ask/note here on Tumblr, though I’ve been told it can be unreliable. I will work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your commission. Upon completion I will send you the full (high-res) work file and a PNG format of the file. 

Thanks again for reading!

If you like cute, unique art commission this guy! :D

Last time I set myself that I’d do cutesy pics of the “Warchieves” because i thought would be cool. So we have:

  1. Orc Jesus
  2. Orc Hitler

I feel kinda lucky that I’ve loved every Warchief of the Horde so far! each is so awesome in their own way.  (Even Gary) C: I start with loving the designs which makes me ask questions to my WoW-nerd friends about prominent figures of the lore and I really like hearing about it cause its like I’m looking for their stories in their designs and that feels quaint. :)


Art by me


Commission for sch-zael

It’s their monk character. I did some research on Kung Fu just to make sure I don’t commit some sort of blasphemy. I was particularly inspired but the Plum Flower Fist School (梅花拳). Either way it was a little challenging to present something true to the tradition because of the anatomy of his feet. :P

I also took the opportunity to fidget a bit with the balance of this style. I’m looking forward to do more stuff like this.

Thanks for your patronage!

Bonus doodle for sch-zael.

Thanks for the embarrassingly generous tip! Tipping isn’t exactly part of my culture, so I begrudgingly accept them with a blush. But in this case felt compelled to draw a little something extra. haha.