Couldn’t resist doing a quickie of her. Maybe more in the future.

Wanted to try this really inky style on something less cartoonized, like this character.

Some painting practice from last week. I’m currently struggling a bit with making characterization without cartoonizing stuff. I admit I usually get caught up drawing cutesy stuff so this is a good change of pace. haha.

They’re not particularly daring but helps my purposes. These are (my) fictional characters. :P

140223 - I created this character as a gift for a friend of mine, It’s loosely inspired on her MMO chars, but I made it into a standalone character for fun.

Also a great excuse to draw something super girly. :o

I’m progresively becoming more and more comfortable working with clean lineart+cellshading. Once I have streamlined the process to every detail, I’m considering putting this template as an option on my commission page. :D But overall, this picture in particular is the closest to what I envision, so even if I have to work out a few things, I’m still pretty happy about it.

140222 - It’s Madotsuki from Yume Nikki.

Used her to practice and experiment a little on lineart and cellshading.

140208 - I made a doodle of this character then I accidentally super glorified it. :P

140203 - Commission for my dear friend EnsanguineAegis~♥

He wanted me to design him a treefolk character from scratch and then make a fully rendered model of it. Needless to say there was a lot of development work on this- but it was worth it. :)

I can’t begin to tell how excited I was to work on this~ I threw in the background for free even. :P

(Commissions will be opening soon­™)

Funny story behind this one: In a dream, I was discussing art stuff with a girl, and she showed me this quirky character, It was cool because it was a crystal clear vision with the exception that her version had a different color pallete that didn’t quite suit her, but when I provided some feedback it was…ill received. :P

So when I woke up decided to make a quick sketch of the character before I forget.

© me

….does this count as plagiarism?

121318 - Water - Blastoise

swampert being an honorable mention